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Flex Pipe Installation Instructions


Installation Instructions For Flex Pipe



Follow these instructions for determining the length to cut the pipe. NOTE: All flexible metal tubing is measured fully extended.

Determine the length (X") of pipe needed for your application by measuring the gap between the two pipes you intend to connect.

Allow a 3" overlap at each end (add 6" to the measurement of the gap). This is the length (Y") of Flex Pipe needed.

Measure distance needed from the far right side inward.


When measuring and cutting, keep the open side of the Flex Pipe to your right. To determine the open end, turn the end of the pipe toward you and look for the rings to wrap on top.


Prior to cutting, Walker recommends:

  1. Wrap area to be cut with duct tape. Use a marker to draw a cut guide on the tape. Cut through the tape. Remove tape from Flex Pipe before using.


  2. Tack-welding around the intended cut to keep ends from twisting


  3. Placing a punch mark around the intended cut with a mandrel or back-up pipe inside the tubing

There are three ways to cut Flex Pipe.
Select a method that suits your equipment

Leaves a smooth edge
without burrs.

Leaves a smooth edge. Some deburring may be required.

Leaves a rough edge. Trimming and deburring may be required.

If trimming is required remove by either bending until excess breaks, or by using cutting shears.
If deburring is required use a hand-operated drum sander or file on cut surfaces.


For optimal installation, install tubing in its “Natural Lie” state, midway between fully compressed and fully extended. This provides the most workable range and the longest service life of the installed flex tubing.

To determine “Natural Lie”, bend the tube as much as possible against the
edge of the work bench. Now push the entire tubing against the table
until straight to reach its half extension, or natural lie.

Installation Tips

  • Use stainless steel in high heat areas (i.e.: Turbo outlet)
  • Avoid severe angles (Flex Pipe is not intended to replace elbows)
  • Strap band clamps should be used to make connections