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Hellwig Load and Sway Control Products

Hellwig Helper Springs

Factory suspensions are sufficient for ordinary driving, but hauling heavy loads requires something extra. Hellwig helper springs provide your vehicle with greater stability and control when cargo weight is applied. This means you can do more with your truck, van, or RV, and you can do it safely.

What are Hellwig Helper Springs?

Helper springs are aftermarket suspension components that are bolted onto a vehicle’s existing leaf springs to give extra support. Of the many brand name helper springs available today, Hellwig products stand out based on their innovative designs, quality materials, and proven performance. Hellwig helper springs mount directly on top of existing springs. As load weight increases on the rear of the vehicle, the helper springs begin to flex, delivering additional support in a progressive manner. The more weight that is applied, the more support the springs provide.

Benefits of Helper Springs – Load Control

Without adequate suspension spring tension, the rear of a loaded vehicle will sag toward the ground. Even more problematic, while in motion the vehicle may bottom out, lean to one side, and exhibit sway while cornering. Obviously, this is dangerous. It puts people and property at risk, and results in longer trip times. After installing Hellwig helper springs, your vehicle will maintain its proper ride height when loaded. The vehicle will not bounce and sway as it did before, and you will have the ability to carry heavier loads safely. Furthermore, when driving without a load, Hellwig helper springs are designed not to engage. Your vehicle will handle just as comfortably as it did in factory condition.

Easy Bolt-on Installation

You might think that suspension components designed to support thousands of pounds would be complex to install. Nothing could be further from the truth. Hellwig helper springs are actually incredibly easy to install. These full-length leaf springs are shaped in a way that allows them to lie directly down on top of the existing leaf springs. None of the existing leafs springs or other factory suspension parts need to be removed. The helper springs are secured using heavy duty U-bolts. The complete installation can be performed with common every day tools and very basic mechanical skills.

Hellwig’s Polyurethane Stability Blocks

The Hellwig Products Company has a well-earned reputation for developing innovative products that set the standard for helper spring performance. Carrying on this tradition, their Pro Series helper springs now offer a unique dampening feature that makes for a smooth, quiet ride while hauling. This feature consists of polyurethane stability blocks that are installed on either end of the helper springs. The stability blocks sit in between the helper spring and the factory leaf spring. The ends of the U-bolt mounting hardware fit through the stability block, holding all the components securely in place. Because they are made from polyurethane, the stability blocks absorb vibration and improve overall suspension performance.

Medium Duty Applications

Not all Hellwig customers require the same amount of additional suspension capability. That is why the company offers several different series of helper springs. For those looking for a cost-efficient way to achieve 500 to 1,500 pounds of level load capacity, Hellwig offers the EZ-500, EZ-1000, and LP-15 series helper springs. In addition to providing more load capacity, these helper springs act to prevent “wrap” (twisting of the axel and distortion of the springs caused by torque), without the assistance of traction bars. Those needing up to 2,000 pounds of level load capacity should look to the EZ-990 series. These springs mount under the factory U-bolt plate and carry a lifetime warranty.

Heavy Duty Applications

Vehicle owners looking to achieve up to 2,500 pounds of level load capacity will find their needs met by Hellwig’s Pro Series helper springs. The Pro Series features a two-spring combination that progressively increases resistance as load weight increases. These helper springs are made from heat-treated steel alloy right here in the U.S.A. They offer a plated design and powder coated finish for durability and an attractive look. The U-bolt hardware can be adjusted for fine tuning your suspension. The springs are easy to install, and carry a one million mile warranty.

Super Heavy Duty Applications

Hellwig’s Load Pro Series represents the industry’s original aftermarket load leveling helper spring. Load Pro Series helper springs are available with a progressive resistance design, or with a constant resistance design that will immediately engage and collapse less as weight is applied. These springs are offered in two models. The LP-25 springs feature a 3-spring stack and are rated for level load capacities up to 2,500 pounds. The LP-35 springs feature a 4-spring stack, and provide up to 3,500 pounds of level load capacity. As with all helper spring applications, take care not to exceed your vehicle manufacturer’s gross weight rating.

Hellwig Helper Springs for Your RV

Hellwig helper springs are not just for trucks. RV owners can experience the same enhanced driving and towing performance that only genuine Hellwig helper springs provide. The LP-25 and LP-35 Load Pro Series springs are available for RV applications, with configurations available for GM, Ford, Dodge, Monaco, and Workhorse motor homes. Hellwig helper springs and mounting hardware are even available for the front suspension of some Dodge and GM motor homes. Sway bar assemblies are also available to help RVs perform safely in windy conditions and on curvy roads.

About the Hellwig Products Company

The Hellwig Products Company has a long tradition of manufacturing high quality suspension springs. The company’s original stabilizer spring design was awarded patent protection in 1941. Steel was unavailable at that time due to rationing efforts for the Second World War. Five years later, Hellwig began production from a rented blacksmith shop, making springs by hand and selling its products door-to-door. Today, Hellwig continues to lead the industry with innovative products and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. Hellwig has remained a family-owned, American company for four generations. If you are in the market for a set of helper springs, look no further than Hellwig brand products.