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Roadmaster - Proven To Save Fuel


Roadmaster Active Suspension

Proven To Save Fuel!
It's True! If you tow an RV or trailer, haul load or transport several people in a multi-passenger van, ROADMASTER ACTIVE SUSPENSION will reduce your fuel consumption.
RAS Will Increase Load Carrying Capacity 50% Above O.E.M. Rating
     Tests prove it and so have our customers.  Roadmaster Active Suspension (RAS) is so effective as a load absorbing product it actually helps correct the negative effects load has on fuel economy.  The heavier the load, the greater the savings... 5%, 10%, up to 20%. Test results vary greatly due to amount and position of load, road and driving conditions, vehicle type and 101 other factors, but the bottom line is: RAS improves fuel milage of rear leaf spring vehicles when operating with a load.
Here's the how and why:
When a vehicle with rear leaf spring suspension is loaded the arch of the springs are reduced.  Additional weight will ulitmately cause ther rear of the vehicle to sag.  When this vehicle is in motion the now compromised rear suspension can no longer absorb and dissipate the load.  Furthermore, the undulating road surface will compound the problem, reducing even more the leaf springs ability to support and absorb.  Unable to dissipate (in part or whole) via the leaf springs, the force of the load will transfer to the axle, wheels and ultimately a large percentage to the rear tires.  This causes the sidewalls of the tires to continually flex and bulge in the area where the tires make contact with the road.  This tire bulging at road surface creates a continuously changing improper "footprint" similar to a deflated tire, and that increases roll resistance.  Increasing roll resistance makes the engine work harder and hence the vehicle burns more fuel.
When Roadmaster Active Suspension is installed the rear leaf springs are supported by two variable rated coil springs, thereby converting a passive system to an active suspension system.  These extremely powerful coils are the key to our success as they not only assit the leaf springs in supporting load and stabilizing the vehicle but also when strain from load is applied, a stabilizing action (unique to RAS) comes into effect immediately, absorbing the force of the load.  On undulating road surfaces, RAS controls the rate of defelection of the leaf springs again absorbing and dissipating the energy.  The consequence of this continuously absorbing and dissipating load force action is a controlled discharge of energy through the leaf springs, axle, wheels, and tires creating an improved balance between the tires and road surface contact.  The result is a more proper and consistent tire to road footprint and vastly reduced roll resistance...the key to considerable fuel savings.
 The patented RAS is by design: The only load assist product on the market that works on a completely different horizontal princpal to support the rear leaf springs and such the only product that will achieve these fuel savings.  Note that reducing roll resistance and harmful flexing and bulging of tires results in extended tire life.
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