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AD9 Type Air Dryer 170.065225

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Part Number:170.065225

Air Dryer

Reman. AD-9 Air Dryer

  • Desiccant type.
  • In-line filtration system.
  • Automatic drain valve which is controlled by the governor.
  • The function of the AD-9 air dryer is to collect and remove air system contaminants in solid, liquid and vapor form before they enter the brake system. It provides clean, dry air to the components of the brake system which increases the life of the system and reduces maintenance costs. Daily manual draining of the reservoirs is eliminated.The AD-9 air dryer consists of a desiccant cartridge and a die cast aluminum end cover secured to a cylindrical steel outer shell with eight cap screws and nuts. The end cover contains a check valve assembly, a safety valve, three threaded air connections and the purge valve housing assembly. The removable purge valve housing assembly incorporates a purge valve mechanism and a turbo charger cut-off feature that is designed to prevent loss of engine "turbo" boost pressure during the purge cycle of the AD-9 air dryer. For ease of serviceability, the desiccant cartridge and discharge check valve assembly are screw in type. The purge valve housing assembly, which includes the heater and thermostat assembly, and the discharge check valve assembly, is serviceable from the exterior of the air dryer, while servicing the screw-in desiccant cartridge requires removal of the air dryer assembly from the vehicle

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