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Air Springs

Air Springs - Coil and leaf suspension systems are adequate for some passenger vehicles, but they can come up short when load weight is applied. Airbag suspension is preferred for many heavy duty applications.

At Truck Components Online, we carry a large selection of air springs from Firestone and Hendrickson, and our friendly staff can assist in selecting the correct set for your needs. If you are unfamiliar with the benefits of air spring suspension, it won’t take you long to understand why many operators use choose to replace their traditional steel components with an air system. Most noticeably, air springs are easily adjustable. You can quickly adjust ride height based on the weight of your load. You can also expect a smoother ride, with less vibration to damage vehicle parts and cause driver fatigue.

Our Firestone air springs are available in several styles. Rolling lobe and sleeve air springs are recognizable by their cylinder shape, while convolute air springs resemble the shape of stacked donuts or bellows (in fact, they are commonly referred to as bellows air springs). All three designs are the result of more than 70 years of Firestone airbag manufacturing. These products are a great value and feature the company’s famous performance and durability. You can depend on our Firestone airbags from Truck Components Online for everything from light hauling to heavy industrial uses.

We also offer air springs from Hendrickson. Hendrickson springs are available in rolling lobe, double convolute, and triple convolute styles. These air springs are manufactured to precisely match specs of the original suspension parts to avoid compatibility problems. Hendrickson airbags also feature proprietary internal components, producing ride quality and handling that cannot be found with other brands. Truck Components Online carries well over 100 different air springs from Hendrickson, so you are sure to find the right part for your vehicle.
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