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Aftermarket Truck and Auto Parts—For Play!

Posted by Admin on 2/5/2014 to Main

A billion different aftermarket truck and auto parts exist to rectify at least as many potential problems or to increase the performance of your vehicles. Nowadays, if you can dream it, chances are someone has invented a part that will make it happen! However, people do not buy trucks just to watch them sit in parking lots at work all week or for the five minutes of rapture they enjoy on the drive home each day—people buy trucks so they can live!

Can Your Vehicle Handle This Much Fun?

With the right aftermarket truck and auto parts, it definitely will be able to! Which aftermarket towing accessory you need will depend greatly on what you want to haul or tow as well as what you will be using to tow it. In addition to familiarizing yourself with your vehicle’s towing capacity, you will also need to know the weight of your trailer (including all the cargo). Once you know these numbers, you will be able to determine what type of hitch you will need. Trailer weights and classes are as follows:

Class I – Hauls up to 2,000 pounds and can be pulled by most vehicles. This group includes small trailers and motorcycles.

Class II – Hauls a maximum of 3,500 pounds, small including boats and campers, and can be pulled by most vehicles, excluding small compact cars.

Class III – Hauls 3,500 to 6,000 pounds and can be pulled with mid-sized cars, minivans, SUVs, small pickup trucks, and full-sized vehicles. This group includes horse trailers and medium-sized campers.

Class IV – Can haul up to 12,000 pounds and is designed for trucks, SUVs, and vans.

Class V – Capable of hauling up to 18,000 pounds, designed to haul large trailers with heavy-duty trucks or vans.

The Bottom Line

Using the right trailer hitch for your car and the weight you will be towing is of the utmost importance. Hauling more weight than your vehicle is designed to handle, or using the incorrect hitch assembly, can result in damages and injuries—at best. With so many stores available that sell aftermarket truck and auto parts, there is no reason why you cannot find the right one for you at the right price!

The folks at Truck Components Online not only sell sturdy, reliable, inexpensive towing accessories but also are happy to help you determine which parts you need and answer any lingering questions you have about towing or towing accessories. They know better than anyone else does why you bought a truck—to put it to work so you can play!