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Ceramic Clutch Discs For Heavy Duty Vehicles

Posted by Admin on 8/29/2013 to Main

The discussions over whether organic clutch discs or ceramic clutch discs are better for your vehicle has been an ongoing one. True, there are pros and cons to both organic and ceramic friction materials, but for heavy-duty vehicles that are off the road hauling or logging, your best option really is the ceramic. Because of it’s durability, it will last longer while not folding under the pressures heavy duty vehicles face.

Heavy Duty Vehicles

While organic clutch discs are great for smooth transitions and quick start times, if you have a heavy duty truck, a ceramic clutch disc is what you’ll want. Here are a few of reasons why:

  • Ceramic clutch discs grab much better than organic clutch discs, especially when they get hotter.
  • They are very durable and do not wear out as fast as organic clutches.
  • They are able to handle torque and horsepower that heavy duty vehicles require.
  • They hold up to a lot of abuse without slipping.
  • They use materials that are hard and unyielding.

While ceramic clutches should be preferred in heavy duty vehicles, it must be pointed out that, for daily driving, the organic is superior to the ceramic. They offer smooth engagement, easier starts, and can be both engaged and disengaged frequently in the span of a day with ease.

With that in mind, we still recommend ceramic clutch discs for vehicles that have higher torque and horsepower. It is not typical for these trucks to be engaged and disengaged throughout the day, and the softer materials that you’ll find in an organic clutch disc just won’t cut it for them. You’ll want a clutch that can handle the heavy loads and possible off the road driving conditions. Make sure you check out the different options available to guarantee your expectations are met.