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Dayton Parts as Premium Choice

Posted by Admin on 4/1/2014

You depend on your rig. It is your office space, your toolbox and in many cases, it is your home away from home. Most importantly, your personal safety and continued income depends on it.

Regular maintenance is a no-brainer when comes to the longevity and performance of any medium and heavy-duty overland truck and trailer combo. With the cost of fuel going up, confiscatory taxation and sky-high insurance costs, the owner-operator has very little left in his wallet for emergency repairs. Upgrading your rig’s worn out suspension can go a long way in preventing unexpected and costly scenarios like airbag ruptures, spring failure and premature tire wear.

A Long History of Setting the Standards for Quality

Dayton Parts, LLC has a varied history stretching back to 1922 in Harrisburg, PA. Referred to at that time as Harrisburg Stanley Spring Works, the company has evolved over the years, ever in keeping with the quality standards it was born with. Its current incarnation came in 2006, and now continues its focus in the heavy-, medium- and light-duty truck aftermarket. In November 2012, Eagle Suspensions and Dallas Spring became official partners, making Dayton Parts LLC a powerhouse in the industry.

Replacing vs Upgrading

Choosing the right parts for your application is task not to be taken lightly. You should give careful consideration to the duty cycle your truck experiences. Loads vary to some degree or another, as well as climate and road conditions. Some applications may be suited well for local LTL deliveries, but entirely mismatched when it comes to long haul and dedicated lanes.

Here are some points to ponder:

· Play, commute or work-related duty cycle

· Recommended versus custom ride height

· Long haul or local LTL

· D.O.T. regulations (very important)

· Age and availability of the original equipment

Offering a diversified field of stock replacements and standard upgrades, Dayton is sure to provide the aftermarket parts you need to keep those wheels turning whether your truck is for play, a commuter or a workhorse.