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FastRack Is Essential For Toy Enthusiasts

Posted by Admin on 8/30/2013 to Main

If you have an ATV, motorcycle, four-wheeler, or any type of toy, then a FastRack is an absolute must buy. It was designed specifically to hold any toy you may need transported or stored in a way that offers you more security and more room.


Because of FastRack’s design, it’s able to fit in a number of different spaces. In fact, one of this systems best features is that it can be put to use easily over a number of different accessories.

Because of the “Easy In Easy Out” mounting feature, you can install multiple mounting plates to effortlessly move the system. In any area you want the system installed, the mounting plates can be hidden, so when the system is removed, you won’t have to worry about brackets or pylons getting in the way.

You can have the FastRack’s mounting brackets installed in any of the following areas:

  • Toy Haulers And Trailers – It will be simple to transport multiple toys side-by-side securely with the use of this system.
  • Pick-ups – When your toy can fit in the bed of a pick-up, you can simply install and remove as needed.
  • Garage Floor – Great in guaranteeing your motorcycle, dirt bike, or any two-wheeler toy won’t unexpectedly fall onto the hard, concrete floor.

The FastRack can be installed into the steel, aluminum, and wood floors of any pick-up or trailer, and can also come with a kit for your garage floor. With it’s ability to hold multiple toys at once, there’ll be more space for whatever needs you may have. Really, anyone with a toy they don’t want damaged needs this system. It will fit any toy perfectly with ease and security. We recommend checking out the different kits that are offered to see with one will work perfectly for you.