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How to Choose Truck Springs or Trailer Springs

Posted by Admin on 7/8/2014 to Main

Springs are an essential component to your truck or trailer suspension system. Maintaining your truck springs will ensure that your truck, your cargo and your back all take as little brunt as possible, especially when you regularly make long trips.

Helper Springs

Helper springs like those sold by Hellwig are a great way to increase your load capacity. They do exactly what their name sounds like—help your existing springs. These efficient springs are mounted above your existing leaf springs to add extra support. A good set of helper springs can raise your load capacity 550–3,500 pounds! Look for an adjustable variety to minimize the effect when you have no cargo.

Leaf Springs

Leaf springs are your basic suspension part. That is why it is so important to check these types of truck springs or trailer springs as part of your typical maintenance routine. When your suspension system seems to be working at less than ideal capacity, leaf springs are the first item you should check out. They come in a variety of types, so talk to a good aftermarket parts dealer for help choosing the right ones for your truck or trailer.

Utility Springs

Utility springs are a variety of leaf spring. Choose this type of suspension spring when you need to maintain the suspension system on your utility trailer or your boat trailer. These are specifically designed for cargo management and come in two main styles—eye trailer springs or slipper style trailer springs. However, each of these styles comes in many sub-types, so make sure you choose the right spring for your load capacity.

The various truck springs and trailer springs are not too difficult to distinguish between, but selecting the best ones may take some expert advice. Consider talking to an aftermarket parts dealer who is experienced in handling a wide range of brands and styles.