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Signs You May Need Transmission Repair Work

Posted by Admin on 5/6/2014 to Main

Your transmission is what keeps your truck or vehicle moving. A number of things can occur that indicate it may be time to have your transmission inspected. Below are some common repair signs.

Trouble Shifting Gears

One of the first signs of transmission troubles occurs when gears do not shift properly. You may feel them hesitate and they may appear stuck in gear. Depending upon the severity, this can be accompanied with a whining sound.

You Notice Vibrations

Vibrations are a sure sign something's not operating correctly. It could indicate transmission problems. You can test for vibrations while driving your car or by parking your car, the choice is yours.

Notice whether your steering wheel is vibrating. Pay attention to how your seat feels and whether it is vibrating. Each vibration location reveals where the problem originates. An expert can provide more information.

Difficulty Turning

When you notice your truck or vehicle hesitating while you make a right or left turn, it may indicate something's wrong with your transmission. A healthy transmission shifts easily while making any turn.

Leaking Underneath Your Vehicle

A sure sign that something is amiss occurs when you notice a leak underneath your car. Check for a transmission leak by parking your vehicle on a paved, level surface. Put a piece of paper underneath the center portion of the front end. Go out in about an hour and remove the paper. Is there any pink colored fluid on it? That is your transmission fluid.

You may need what is termed a reseal job. Your transmission has a number of seals that keep the fluid intact. When a seal becomes loose, fluid can leak out. As fluid leaks out, your transmission parts start rubbing against each other. That is not good.

Having your vehicle checked out at the first sign of any transmission concerns will save money, time, and frustration down the road. Do it sooner than later!