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Spring is Here! Time to Put Your Truck through the Wringer!

Posted by Admin on 4/15/2014 to Main

Suspension parts, drivelines, steering gear, brake and engine parts of lifted trucks are much more likely to incur inordinate wear to due to over-exposure and abuse. Nature, road salts, automotive petroleum residues and of course, those irresistible mud bogs, all play a part in the degradation of your truck’s essential components.

This is not a time to turn a blind eye. Regular inspections and common sense cleaning habits can reduce or prevent unexpected repair bills and if nothing else, keep your pride and joy up on all four wheels, all the time.

Accidents Related to Poorly-Maintained Vehicles

Imagine, if you will, a stock pickup versus a lifted 4X4. Both vehicles suffering the same wear and tear will react differently should a ball joint, front wheel hub or any other critical part break or come loose. The risk of personal injury in both cases is relative, but when this happens to a lifted off-roader, calamity is often the result.

Poor maintenance and under-rated stock component failure is not just a risk for the truck owner, it also puts in peril other motorists whom by no fault of their own, may wind up underneath that worn-out mud king you call your “Little Burro.”

Stock Components vs Aftermarket

One would hope that automotive manufacturers put much thought into the design of their duty-sized vehicles. Truck buyers often rely on their favorite brand for dependability, but since no driver sees the world through a single lens, the manufacturer must be all things to everybody.

Out here in the real world, stock components are rarely capable of providing the strength and durability demanded by the serious off-roader or street pounder. This is where the aftermarket parts industry comes to the rescue, providing dynamic re-engineering and manufacturing of parts to higher standard than what you find at the dealership.

There are many sources for quality aftermarket products. Some of them have been around for decades and have just right parts you need. The next time you are in need of replacement parts or are thinking about restoring your Little Burro, take real good look at the aftermarket. You will be glad you did!