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Wiper Arms

HLK7000, 18in, oem: 3527221C1, Driver LH, International
HLK7001, 20in, oem: GS3382, Driver LH, Kenworth
HLK7002, 20in, oem: GS3383, Pass RH Kenworth
HLK7004, 19.75in, oem: A2247433002 Freightliner
HLK7005, 18.875in, oem: 418830BWS Freightliner
HLK7006, 19.875in, oem: A2251969000 Freightliner
HLK7007, 22.875in, oem: 3980443, 1619050, 20388409, 3980442, 8080810 Volvo
HLK7008, 19.00in, oem: R23102913 Pass RH Kenworth
HLK7009, 19.00in, oem: R23102912 Driver LH Kenworth
HLK7010, 19.50in, oem: GS4911 Peterbilt
HLK7011, 19.50in, oem: 1501002 Peterbilt
HLK7012, 19.750in, oem: A2266578001, A2272740000, Freightliner
HLK7013, 20.00in, oem: Kenworth
HLK7015, 20.00in, oem: 85111394, Driver LH Volvo
HLK7016, 17.00in, Western Star
HLK7017 Kenworth
HLK7047, 13.250in Terex
HLK7050, 680mm, oem: 62QT433A, 82149112, Mack
HLK7051, 16.250in, oem: 62QT514, 62QT59, 821500723, Mack

Wiper Motor

577.46921 oem: 6685540M025WJ, a2245492001, A6685540M025WJ Freightliner, Western Star
577.46922 oem: A2245492001 Freightliner, Western Star
577.46923 oem: TRIF98999929 Freightliner
577.56989 oem:  SPRFL80 Freightliner
577.55991 oem: 3525713X91, 2042267C91, 1661843C92, 3528713C91, 2042266C91, 3539699C91 International
577.59901 oem: V3DC1, Volvo
577.59954 oem: E005554 Kenworth, Peterbilt
577.62310 oem: 25133997, 63QT310, 85130425 Mack
577.62311 oem: 25099382, 25127814, 63QT416, 63QT416A, 63QT46, 82716004 Mack
577.62312 oem: 20875361, 33QT521M, 63QT521, 63QT521M, Mack
577.94904 oem: 628163404 Western Star
577.99257 oem: 3R4022, 1057152MO25WJ, 28251 Terex
577.99901 oem: 8169B28, ABPN82AX9213, AX9213 USPS LLV, POSTAL LLV

Wiper Misc

HLK7048 Wiper Transmission, oem: 33QT56A, 82149849 Mack
HLK7049 Wiper Pivot, oem: 33QT248, 82149090 Mack
577.3034 Wiper Switch, oem: 191377, 7521204 
577.3037 Control Switch, oem: 100611
577.59651 Wiper Switch, oem: P271066 Kenworth
577.62511 Wiper Switch oem: 1MR4336, 25173793 Mack
564.46062 Assembly, oem: TRIF88171405 Freightliner
HLK7030 Wiper Nozzle Kit, oem: 106811 Peterbilt
HLK7031 Wiper Nozzle Kit, oem: 1696499C1, 2035399 International
HLK7033 Wiper Nozzle, oem: GW254 Freightliner
575.1021 Fluid Reservoir, oem: R866001 Peterbilt
575.1022 Fluid Reservoir, oem: N5355001 Peterbilt
575.1054 Fluid Reservoir, oem: 25128543, 34QT410M Mack
HLK7046 Washer Fluid Pump, oem: 104307 Peterbilt