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Hellwig Helper Springs

Posted by on 12/21/2013 to Main
What Are Hellwig Helper Springs?

The duty of Hellwig Helper Springs is to aid in keeping your vehicle stable, and to offer greater control when hauling large loads. Most vehicles have built-in suspensions, but these are not powerful enough to handle the hauling of heavy loads; that is where Hellwig Helper Springs come into play.

Bolted onto the vehicle’s rear leaf springs, helper springs are designed to give extra support where normal suspension systems fall flat. There are many brand names in the production of helper springs, but the Hellwig name stands above them all due to their use of the highest-quality materials, their innovative designs, and their dedication to the best performance on the market. Helper springs are attached directly on top of your vehicle’s existing springs and add stability and control when a load is placed on them by absorbing the load as opposed to resisting it. By design, the more weight that is put onto the helper springs, the stronger they become.

What are Some of the Benefits of Hellwig Helper Springs?

Hellwig offers the highest-quality helper springs on the market, and some of the major benefits of these helper springs include their easy bolt-on installation, and their dedication to load control.

The design of the full-length leaf spring offered by Hellwig Helper Springs allows it to lie directly on top of the existing spring, which makes for an installation that couldn’t be simpler. No removal of factory parts or existing springs is needed when installing these helper springs, and their load-carrying capacity can increase that of your vehicle by 50% or more in some cases.

Load control is the main benefit of the Hellwig Helper Springs, and they can help maintain the ride height of your vehicle while carrying any size load imaginable. These helper springs help to keep your truck or SUV from bottoming out when carrying heavy loads, which leads to added safety and security for anyone traveling in the vehicle, and for the vehicle and load as well.

Are There Different Duty Applications?

The Hellwig Helper Springs can come in handy with any size load. Whether you need medium duty, heavy duty, or super heavy duty, Hellwig has the perfect helper springs to suit your needs.
  • Medium-duty application – If you are looking for a cost-conscious product that can handle 500 to 1,500 pounds of capacity, Hellwig has the EZ-500, EZ-1000, and LP-15 helper springs available.
  • Heavy-duty application – Hellwig’s Pro Series of helper springs can handle loads of up to 2,500 pounds of level load capacity and are just as simple to install onto any vehicle.
  • Super-heavy duty application – Hellwig’s LP-25 series of helper springs can handle up to 2,500 pounds of load capacity, while the LP-35 series of helper springs has the capability to handle up to 3,500 pounds of level load capacity.
Hellwig’s Helper Springs are designed to take the stress of hauling any load capacity off your vehicle without compromising the ride quality or safety of the haul, vehicle, or driver.