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What Have You Got in Your Toolbox?

Posted by Admin on 4/22/2014 to Main

It sounds silly, but it is an important question. Why else would the finest automobile manufacturers spend so much on those leather bound multi-piece, hardened chrome-molly “accessories” found in the left rear trunk-well? Because even a Ferrari GT250 2+2 can suffer a breakdown now and then.

Customized car and truck owners know well the advantages of having tools on-board for those times when a simple mechanical tweak or repair on-the-fly can make all the difference between reliable aftermarket performance and powerlessness. Overland truckers for the most part wouldn’t dream of leaving the yard without the necessary tools to keep their rigs from winding up on the back of a dragon wagon.

Not Just Tools, But Parts Too

But Wait! There’s more! The proper tool for the job is useless if there isn’t a replacement part to use it with. Lights, spark and glow plugs, e-brake and throttle cables and essential fluids should be among the inventory of every on-board tool kit. If the fun gets really dirty, fuel and air filters are a must.

Here is short list of other must-haves:

· Jumper cables

· Wheel chocks

· Puncture seal or tire plugs

· A bundle of road flares

· A first-aid kit

· Radiator sealant

Being Prepared Doesn’t Have to take a lot of Space

Thoughtful consideration before the weekend outing can surely add to the success of any off-road adventure. Many aftermarket tool and accessory manufacturers design these items to be compact, lightweight and durable as well as task-specific, making them perfect for the on-board tool kit.

A small investment into these preventative measures can save thousands of dollars in mobile repair bills, not to mention avoiding the shame of being hauled home in the sling of a wrecker.