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What Is the Difference Between a Leveling Kit and a Lift Kit

Posted by Admin on 1/22/2014 to Main

You bought your truck and you’ve decided this is the year you’re going to buy some aftermarket truck parts to improve its looks and performance. Perhaps you want to raise your truck and put some larger tires on it. You do some digging, and you see that there is a leveling kit and a lift kit. What is the difference?

Leveling Kit

Most trucks are designed to have the rear end sit higher than the front end – usually one to two inches higher. The lower front end could limit how large a tire will fit without rubbing on the fender or wheel well. By raising the front end to match the rear end height, this problem can be eliminated or reduced. A leveling kit can do this for you. These kits are often less expensive and easier to install than a lift kit.

Lift Kit

A lift kit raises the whole truck (front and rear) by modifying the suspension with aftermarket truck parts to raise the truck two to ten inches or more. Typical lift kits include new coil springs, shocks, and control arms. The advantage over a leveling kit is improved performance for off-road driving and, for some, a cooler look due to the bigger tires and higher ground clearance.

Whichever kit you decide is right for you, make sure you choose one made by a company that emphasizes quality. You don’t want to sacrifice safety, reliability, or a great ride due to using an inferior quality product. Here at Truck Components we feature kits made by Tuff Country. They have been in the business of making leveling and lift kits since 1988 and their products are engineered for quality at prices you can afford. Contact us today to order your kit.