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What to Look for When Purchasing Brake Pads

Posted by Admin on 6/3/2014

Nothing is more important than having quality break parts on your rig. Although the brake pads are not the most significant part in the braking system, they do play a large role in the safety of your truck. Since government regulations do not apply to break pads as they do with other brake parts, it is important to know how to choose good quality brake pads when it’s time for replacements.

Recognizing the Need for Brake Pads

Usually, the brakes will begin to make a high-pitched screeching noise when you apply braking pressure, signaling that the pads are worn. Sometimes, the truck will pull to one side when you brake or there may be grabbing or a noticeable vibration. When you hear a sound like metal grinding against metal, the change in brake pads is overdue and damage may have already occurred to the rotors.

Which Type of Brake Pads Should You Buy?

Aftermarket brake pads come in a choice of materials just as brand name parts do. The types available include:

· Semi-metallic

· Low-metallic NAO

· Non-asbestos organic

· Ceramic

Those used in trucks and heavy duty vehicles are often made of semi-metallic or graphite metallic to provide a greater degree of stopping power. Choosing the right material is more important than getting the brake pads that cost the most. Price does not always increase with quality, meaning that the more affordable aftermarket parts may be an equivalent, if not better, choice in pads.

Choosing the Brand

When purchasing OEM parts for your truck, there is one brand that makes the specific part for your particular vehicle. The difference in buying aftermarket parts is that there may be several brands and none of them are made for your brand of vehicle. Aftermarket brands differ just like any other brand of product does. To get the best quality part, do some research on the manufacturer and learn which one has the most satisfied customers behind them.