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Why Pintle Hooks Offer Superior Hauling Capabilities

Posted by Admin on 8/27/2013 to Main

The Different Types Pintle Hooks

There are a few different types of Pintle Hooks available. Picking the best Pintle Hook for your truck and trailer is not difficult as long as you are aware of your intended use. Here is a list of three that you can’t go wrong with, dependent upon your load specifics:

  • Spring Mounted Pintle Hooks – These hooks work best for on and off the road equipment, and are generally used in the Utility and the Municipality Industry.
  • Swivel Mounted Pintle Hooks – These hooks are recommended for use with a drawbar, depending upon the length of the drawbar and your intended load. They’re typical in use with military grade vehicles and off the road equipment.
  • Rigid Mounted Pintle Hooks – These hooks are also used with a drawbar of varying lengths, but do not rotate around the axis like their swivel mounted counterparts.

There can be arguments against Pintle Hooks: they tend to make more noise than the standard ball would and they might be considered overkill in some instances. However, if you find the right hook the noise complaint is almost insignificant, and there’s nothing “overkill” about having a safe hook that won’t lose your load. Truly, with a Pintle Hook you are almost guaranteed years of easy hauling.