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Why You Need A Hubodometer

Posted by Admin on 8/26/2013 to Main

While traveling beside a semi or other heavy-duty truck, you may have noticed an odometer-like object fitted to a tire. That small, circular device is called a hubodometer, and is essential for the operators of heavy-duty vehicles.

What Does A Hubodometer Do?

A Hubodometer is fixed to an axle of your trailer or truck in order to measure how many miles your vehicle has traveled. It’s often required in commercial trucks and vehicles supplied by an independent company.

Why Is A Hubodometer Essential?

Aside from them being required on semi’s, buses, and some trucks and trailers in certain areas and for certain companies, this device is also greatly useful in non-commercial, load baring vehicles. This is not surprising when you consider that there are countless reasons why a hubodometer could be necessary.

Take these uses for example:

  • They measure how much distance your tires and trailers have traveled.
  • By accurately knowing your traveled distance, the likelihood of you needing unexpected maintenance is highly unlikely.
  • In commercial vehicles, you will benefit from having a hubodometer to clock your distance – thus ensuring that you’ll receive exact payment.
  • Because of the features that come with many of the hubodometers, such as UV protection, protection against water, and air tight seals, you will still receive accurate data no matter the conditions.

Depending upon your planned vehicle wear and tear, a hubodometer could be the very thing that separates you from surprise breakdowns and blowouts. The uses for a hubodometer are countless, so if you are considering making the purchase now, you can safely assume that you’ll need one in the future. There are no cons to having a one of these devices on your load baring vehicle. Check out any of the hubodometers offered and you will not be disappointed.