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What Have You Got in Your Toolbox?

Posted by Admin on 4/22/2014 to Main
It sounds silly, but it is an important question. Why else would the finest automobile manufacturers spend so much on those leather bound multi-piece, hardened chrome-molly “accessories” found in the left rear trunk-well? Because even a Ferrari GT250 2+2 can suffer a breakdown now and then.

Spring is Here! Time to Put Your Truck through the Wringer!

Posted by Admin on 4/15/2014 to Main
Suspension parts, drivelines, steering gear, brake and engine parts of lifted trucks are much more likely to incur inordinate wear to due to over-exposure and abuse. Nature, road salts, automotive petroleum residues and of course, those irresistible mud bogs, all play a part in the degradation of your truck’s essential components.

Tire Pressures - Insights from a Tire Buster

Posted by Admin on 4/8/2014 to Main
There has been much ado over the effectiveness of regularly checking the air pressure of your vehicle’s tires. From safety concerns to maximizing fuel economy, monitoring and correcting tire air pressure is a very import step in any regular maintenance procedure.

Dayton Parts as Premium Choice

Posted by Admin on 4/1/2014
You depend on your rig. It is your office space, your toolbox and in many cases, it is your home away from home. Most importantly, your personal safety and continued income depends on it.
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