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Custom Ubolts

We manufacture U-Bolts to YOUR specifications.  We have a large inventory of threaded rods measuring from 8" in length to 52" and diameters from 3/8" to 1 1/4".  U-Bolts come in three primary shapes:  ROUND, SEMI-ROUND and SQUARE.


How to measure u-bolts:
The Measurements:  A: Rod Diameter
                                  B: Inside to Inside
                                 C: Leg Length Inside
Type Of Bend:  Round, Semi-Round*, Square
Note: there are many different styles of the Semi-Round. Be sure to include the make of vehicle when sending inquiry. For more info go to Technical Information Page
Removed U-Bolts should NEVER be placed back onto the vehicle, they should be thrown away.  Suspension U-Bolts are manufactured with a smooth rolled thread, while the mating Hi-Nuts are manufactured with sharp cut threads.  When a U-Bolt is tightened to it's recommended  torque level, the U-Bolt threads stretch as they mate with the Hi-Nuts.  Although, not always visible to the naked eye, this damages the threads.  Removing the Hi-Nuts from the U-Bolt will cause a cross-threading that will not allow the U-Bolt to be adequately re-torqued.  A common practice in most maintenance facilities is to use a impact wrench to tighten U-Bolts.  Consistent, accurate torque is next to impossible to obtain with a impact wrench, and in most cases an over-torqued fastener is the result.  We recommend using a torque wrench when installing U-Bolts.  New U-Bolts should be torqued after 2 weeks of usage.
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